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Kristi Vandenboom
by on January 30, 2020


What Does the New Creative Age Mean For the Witch?

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By Kristi V

January 2020

PaganSpace Original




What Does the New Creative Age Mean For the Witch?

The Information Age is Over! Now the age of Creation & Innovation is here! Witches are evolving what it means to be a powerful modern witch!


Witches are building on our past foundations while creating magical possibilities for the future.


  • Our new world of technology has changed our world 180 degrees! We can use this to help us create resources to help provide the balance the world needs. 

  • This technology helps us learn, share wisdom, mentor, teach, and meet up with others on the same mission to provide balance for the world through our internal magic and power. 

  • There are different aspects to bringing technology into our practice. There are wonderful things that can come from this integration. 

  • As previous witches have taught us, no matter what new tools we have at our disposal, a balance of staying grounded to the physical and the spiritual worlds is critical to the process. Creativity and innovation come from the states of mind from being grounded. 

  • Imagination is key to evolve our magic to new heights. This comes from searching inside ourselves and connecting to our source of power to obtain a world view of possibilities, not lack or limits. 

  • We will build on the foundations of what witches before have accomplished and create a future world of wonderful possibilities!

What is the New Creation and Innovation Age?

Information is no longer enough.


Knowledge is not enough.

Knowledge is not power.

Knowledge is potential power.


Imagination is  - and always has been - 

more important than knowledge.


Imagination is the power . . the currency. .  and the only inexhaustible resource.


The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet. 


Witches all ready know how to tap into this power through inner work and connecting to source to turn on the most powerful imaginations ever! We will communicate to the world the new creative ways to heal, and claim personal power. Then start making huge strides toward a world where there are many different ways for others to understand the mission and move toward a future of love and creation. 


Why is ‘Imagination’ Important?

Witches through all generations have held the power and responsibility of maintaining the balance here in the physical world. We have held the connection between worlds open and taught many how to have access to it as well. We have been the force that initially accepts change and innovation in order to help the world evolve forward. For many generations this was done deep behind the scenes from the world’s misguided understanding of our mission. We lovingly pushed forward. Now there are ways to bring so much more into the eyes of the world. Some of us have the blessed position to do this openly, some others still work secretly behind the scenes, but our mission is still the same. With technology our forces are growing, and we have more power now to rotate positive energies around the world multiple times a day. 

Witches still use the tried and true methods of our past foundations, but we have more ways to help others heal themselves and obtain their own personal power. This evolves Mother Gaia and the Universal energies with massive leaps and bounds. Larger groups of witches are organizing great efforts to help our Mother Earth and to help societies globally embrace the freedom mindset of witches. 

But this effort requires a bit of imagination to make it work. We must create many means of interactive ways for others to join in and grow this mission. We create ways to connect and meet, we create ways of entertainment with a message, we create ways for others to learn and practice their own lives with their new world views we have shown them, and so on.

The beautiful things we create for the world are wonderful, but a witch knows how to endow all the creations with positive energy, powerful intention, and loving guidance with the bigger picture in mind. We know how to lovingly guide the world toward love and help others create lives they came here to live. Witches have the connection to a powerful source to help bring an amazing future into being.



Some Creative & Innovative Ways Witches Are On A Mission In The New Age

  • PaganSpace!!!! Well of course this is an amazing example of how technology, was a tool used to bring Pagans together and build a family that is unstoppable in moving the mission forward. It is a safe place for the ones behind the scenes to interact with other witches and build up their knowledge, wisdom, faith, and obtain tools to be the witch they came here to be. The power emanating from this gathering is immeasurable and is definitely helping the world move forward into a more free and magical world view. 


  • Technology has been used to bring witches physically together into covens and other organized groups for fellowship, learning & teaching, and to bring magic into the world.


  • Witches can now communicate from all over the globe to learn more and evolve their own crafts and traditions. Witches can encourage and help one another over great distances.


  • Apps that are created to teach and help people bring magical concepts into their modern worlds. For example, there are apps that make looking up quick spells, or rune meanings, or moon facts, etc easy so magic can be done anywhere any time it is needed.

Remember. . .

Witches have access to a source of power and information that continues to change the world. We have the knowledge, and are willing to obtain more, to move the world toward the great mission of love, freedom and understanding with great intention through our crafts. This opens up opportunities for people to create lives they came here to live. 

Using creativity and innovation, we use technology to bring the world together and show the world a little magic. 

You Are A Witch In The Age Of Creation & Innovation

You're a powerful being here to live the life you intended to. You have access to power and knowledge that others haven’t acknowledged yet. You are connected right now, right here, to a powerful group of beings just like yourself. You have access to witches and craft knowledge from around the world to help you grow and eventually want to share yourself. You are now, right now, part of a beautiful mission that is as old as time. You are a spirit warrior here to maintain the balance  and to help the world evolve closer toward agape love and freedom. Claim your power and your part in the greatest mission ever to exist. Claim your power to live the life you intended to live upon arrival and help others do the same. Be the witch you were born to be! You were born in the perfect age to make it happen!

Many Blessings

Love Kristi V

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