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Rowan Morgan
by on February 3, 2020

Hello, everyone! I’m Rowan, aka The Lemurian Phoenix. Today is February 2nd, 2020. This date is a palindrome in three different date formats and a day of powerful energy, so it seemed like the perfect date to launch my site, Ascension Vibrations.

I’ve been on my spiritual path for many years, and I’ve endured many trials and hardships. I’ve referred to myself by various labels over the years such as Indigo, Starseed, and Empath. The label isn’t all that important, but these days I most often refer to myself as a Lightworker and Healer. This past year has been an incredible year of transformation and healing for me.

Despite all of this, I’m by no means an enlightened Guru, and I still have a lot of healing and learning to do. I want to help others, but there’s always this self-doubt that makes me question how I can help others when I still have a long way to go? Then it hit me that perhaps I can help others by taking them on my spiritual education and healing journey with me, so that’s exactly what I intend to do. I regret that I haven’t done much to document my journey over the past year, but I’ll try to recount those events in addition to those further back in my past, as well as share my journey moving forward.

I’ll be sharing personal stories about my journey and what I’ve learned from various sources as well as try to provide uplifting content in general. Eventually, I hope to teach and fully step into my role as Healer and Lightworker as I gain more knowledge and experience. Please subscribe if you’d like to join me on my journey of ascending to a higher vibration. If I can help even a few people, then that will make this all worth it. Namaste.


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