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I find this place on the internet interesting, but it is still very empty.  I hope it would become fuller as time goes by.  Maybe this thread I have stared would be a good place for people to introduce themselves, and start a discussion on what this place could be. My name is Albert Feyen.  My friends and family just call me, Al.  My wife and I first came to paganism and Wicca about thirty years ago.  We became members of The First Temple in Chicago and became involved with the Midwest Pagan Council.  Now we live in Decatur Illinois and even though we do keep in touch with pagan friends in the Chicago area we feel rather alone down here in Decatur and the rest of the Central Illinois area. I think this could be a great place for people to meet and find friends.  Please someone else join in!
I am Dawn I have been seeking a path for a while now and feel that I am a healer and green witch I am hoping to find like minded people for advice and support on this site. I am doing a. Crystal healing course at this time and have started a green witchcraft course using Ann Mouras Green witchcraft manual. It would be great to share any experiences I have with people and get feedback. I am also hoping to find a coven nearby in the future.
My name is Gerald and I grew up in Decatur... Texas, that is. My upbringing was christian but I abandoned that in my mid to late teens. For a few years, I wandered with no faith, dabbling a little in LaVeyan Satanism. After battling drug addiction in my late teens/early twenties, I realized that I needed something more. Thus began my pagan path... I began practicing as a solitary Wiccan, taking a very eclectic approach. Soon, my "label" changed and I began practicing Chaos Magick. As a Chaote, I drew from many systems - ceremonial magick (esp. The Golden Dawn), Kabbalah, Gnosticism and many more. After settling down into family life, I began practicing less, taking a simpler approach to feeding my spiritual self. The hunger grew again... Then the Old Gods of the North spoke to me. As a working family man, the Norse gods and goddesses had much to show me about honor and family. The runes spoke to me... And so, after about 18 years of following a pagan path - about 9 years of that as a Heathen - I am where I am today. I am glad to have found Pagan Space. As someone who lives in a rural area, I am extremely fortunate to have a few friends with whom I can pass the horn around. We hold blots and sumbels throughout the year. Beyond that, I still largely practice alone. I regularly take hikes deep into the woods or to secluded plateaus to meditate, cast runes, raise energy, and to pay homage to my gods and goddesses as well as the land wights. I wear my hammer proudly. I am loyal to my faith yet I am still intrigued by many of the elements of my past pagan journeys. I greatly enjoy the company of pagans of all backgrounds. The sight of a pentacle still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, haha. Pagan Space is the only social media site that I will ever need. So to my brothers, sisters and cousins here - Hail, Merry Meet, Blessed Be, Sig Wunjo!
Hi I’m Nathalie, from Ireland. :) I was always interested in spirituality as a child. Grew up Christian like most here, just never felt like it was me. First heard about Wicca at 16, started researching at 18 and began my spiritual witchy journey at 19 around Samhain 2001. :) Married to a very understanding non pagan man for nearly 15 years and mother to a fur baby and several fish babies. :) Looking forward to connecting with my fellow pagans. Merry meet! :)
Greetings to all! This is where the movers & shakers are? Wondering where the sharers & talkers were! I was a member of PaganSpace, long ago! Over time I noticed that it became a “I’m better, my toys are bigger/brighter, rude environment. ” Well to keep my sanity, following on my (Green Eclectic) path I gave it lots of Space! LOL! That was back in the beginnings of this century! How young & dumb we were back then! Nowadays, I pull from what I heard, saw, & experienced as a child. Didn’t know it had a name, until 20yrs ago! I knew it as Southern Italian immigrants wrapping up their culture in Roman Catholic religion! Same as any immigrant (yesterday’s or today’s) living in the US! Trying to savor who they are! Living in a small rural city (less 3,000) these past 20 yrs, having few outside connections I gathered from books by Cummingham, Moura, Grimassi, etc. I have ventured into Qabalah, Tree of Life, Quran, Taoism, Buddhism, even revisited Catholic Bible. I was intrigued by finding the similarities that zealots are fighting over. Why? Hell I guess I wanted all of the hatred, human games of measuring, to STOP. Life is too short. Now? I pass that baton off to the young! Now in my 60’s, I am meandering into the Crone stage gleefully! I have no patience for play, bullying, acting, or profiling. I will take you for what you say. I need no proof. I am starting again to search, for similarities: About womanhood! Again, what I heard, saw, & experienced as a child! The same Womanhood, that has been kept hidden from the masses. Continuing my adventures & seeking new horizons, indeed! Crone? Come visit my group to discuss this season of our lives!