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Peter Gore Seer
.Posted in Electronics And Spirits.
Peter Gore Seer,  Electronics, And The Energy, It  Can Be Tapped  By Ghosts, Yet A Ghost As No Form,  How Can Ghost Create So Much Trouble And Communication  Controlling Electrical Energy. And They Use Radio Waves, To Communicate. Move Solid Objects, Communicate With Witches And Hebrew War Locks. And Golems Come To Life.  
Peter Gore Seer
.Posted in Electronics And Spirits.
Peter Gore Seer,  I Know Ghosts  Do Not Create A Earthing, And Can Transfare Between Radio Signals, So As To Tap Into Your Brain Wave,
Nick Young
.Posted in Electronics And Spirits.
Have you read much on magnetic monopoles? I’ve always wondered if there’s something going on between monopoles and ghosts/spirits especially the ones that are caught in a “loop”.
Peter Gore Seer
.Posted in Electronics And Spirits.
Peter Gore Seer, Nick Young, Your A Little Out-Dated, With Magnetic Monopoles, The Ghost And Spirits I Communicate With, Are Far More Advance, In There Technology, do You Mean Worm Hole Loop Technology. 
Peter Gore Seer
.Posted in Electronics And Spirits.
Peter Gore Seer,  It Seems GOLEMs Can Use These Electronic Computers, My Name Is Appearing On Dogy Topics. Brilliant. A Warlock Is Active.
I guess the first topic I would like to discuss that isn't already overly discussed in other groups would be the use of Pendulums. As anyone who has crafted and used their own pendulums can attest, they develop their own energy and life almost as soon as they are made. [If its not calling you to the pieces and instructing you how to "build its body" even before its made.] Pendulums bond and grow with their "user" and can even work magick separately from our own depending on the quality of energy and relationship. Normally it rests around my neck like any other necklace, only taking it off when it resonates me to dowse or scry. (or while making whoopie though i may have it clasped in hand to feed it and share some Love, + it tends to amplify the tantric energy lol) I have a custom scrying board, but i plan to take my next one a step further than the last, which already included a standard Ouija format, scrying cross-wheel, Futhark, & Enochian alphabets, as well as a sigil wheel with my own magickal alphabet. The next one i make will have a lat.-long. Grid for scrying and remote viewing aide, and a diagram of the energy body according to my own model, for diagnostics of energetic illnesses and/or checking for any abnormalities. Looking for others who use this working tool/companion to gather a collective feedback, and see if anyone has any board mod ideas or unique practices using pendulums they would like to share. Feel free to share any experiences or experiments here!! Much love everyone and thanks for reading, will be back later with more....
I use pendulums in the field from time to time, and I can attest that they do indeed seem to come alive immediately. To the point where I tend to use non special things to do it. Rods seem to take well to being used in such a way, to the point that I often imagine a red rod in my hand to determine direction. As a side note, bamboo works well too if you "listen" to it while dowsing. My favorite though is my bag of runes. My tendencey is let it hang from the strings and to let it move of it's own accord.
Curious what differences people have noted using different stones other than quartz as their pendulum weight: for instance amethyst, white smokey quartz, or black quartz and how the stones affect the readings? Just a study thought....
Ive gotten out of the habit of using a pendulum but I do agree that they seem to almost have a personality all their own sometimes. I've made a lot of pendulums in the feild, using nails, sewing needle, necklace, ring, etc. I appreciate your post as I think that it has inspired me to start working with them again.
Not much room to add on, other than that, great post and I agree everyone has a different path and this experience goes better when we focus on commonalities instead of nitpicking differences or expecting to have your fragile psyche coddled because not everyone abides the same codes. How are any of us to expect what another is going to be offended by? Even moreover, should we all be on eggshells because a few choose to live in them?? Not I for one. ^.^ lol all for some disagreements and the transmutation of ideas.
Good afternoon everyone! Recently there was a small duscussion over on my page (largely in part by my own little mistake) about how there's not a lot going on here at PaganSpace, and that people really would like to take part in discussions. So, to pop the old cork as it were, I decided that the subject of understanding our paths and those of others is a good place to start! Honestly..the title may be a bit abraisive to some, though I personally find that it rings true. Two Pagan's can worship the same deities, do the same rituals, in the same types of places and they will not have the same experience. can they? Different things effect the individual in widely different ways. Our past experiences will always color our present, and that my friends is what decides our path. We cannot fully explain the profound effects that multiple situations have on our emotions and energies. We can try, ad infinitum at that..but we can only get the point across so far. On that note, I leave it to the good membership of this place to comment and share. Agree, disagree, heart, boo, happy face..whatever speaks to you most. Let's roll out this post and get it moving! -Triskraven
I think I seen a YouTube video about this topic but I cannot remember who did the video. I think that a lot of the issues we see coming from differences in practices and experiences comes from fear. People get so wrapped up sometimes in what they've learned must be absolute truth that they lose all common sense. It's okay to be different. And its ok to be wrong sometimes. Ive never met a person that was always right. They may have been lying to themselves and /or to everyone else. Being full of shit no matter how right you try to convince other people you are, still makes you full of shit, no matter how many times you say otherwise. The experienced person/witch/pagan learns that probably the only absolute truth out there is that everything changes and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone else or possibly even anyone else. I doubt anyone's sincerity and experience that tries to convince others that their brand of witchery or paganism is wrong. Experience just says otherwise. You say something won't or cannot work? I bet that I can find someone that does make it work for them.
I like your statement about walking on eggshells because other people choose to live in them. So many times you see others bullying those that challenge their beliefs. Anyone feeling the need to do that to anyone is definately living in an eggshell and expecting everyone else to live with them in it.
Peter Gore Seer,  The Eggshells Are Provided By The Jews, All Religious Worship Is Control And Secret, Science Powers The Pagan, Who Alter The Fundamental Structure, Of Plants To Create A Side Affect, A Drug, To Destroy Or Boost, Both Body And Brain, Simple Science In The Bigging, But Ends Up A Tool.  
Peter Gore Seer,  A Persons Religious Belief, Marks Out A Path, It's Not Rocket Science, Which Is Your Belief, Its Your Only Road To Val Hala. You Can Only Serve One Master, So The Big Question  Who Do You Serve. And Is It A Safe Path And The Right Path. BvFrCIK
@Peter Gore Seer, funny you should say that the eggshells come from the Jews while you have a Judaic/Rosicrucian emblem as your profile picture. Where as in truth, the eggshells come from people assuming there is only one "Right path" and that it is their own, where there are just as many right paths as there are people, and not everyone lives to serve, this thought overwhelms most so they fall into their shells, and cast all paths not relevant to their own aside. This is not a finger pointing statement, and if anyone group is to blame it is Humans in general.