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Fiona Tate
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I've got a hankering to support someone on Patreon but I haven't a clue how to start finding someone. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Alex G
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Yeah that’s a difficult question unfortunately I think you’re going to have to find that one on your own . I think Maybe i can help moving hopefully to your desired direction so the question is what do you feel drawn to? what calls to you and you find yourself? at and what draws your attention. Where ?do you feel divinity is and where do you go for tranquility and peace and where do you find comfort and answers to the deep questions you seek??. ;)
Alex G
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Yeah that’s a difficult question unfortunately I think you’re going to have to find that one on your own . I think Maybe i can help moving hopefully to your desired direction so the question is what do you feel drawn to what calls to you and you find yourself at and what draws your attention. Where do you feel divinity is and where do you go for tranquility and peace and where do you find comfort and answers to the deep questions you seek. ;)
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I recommend The Wondersmith:
Peter Gore Seer
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I Would Surgest A Talking Board, There Are Many Different Boards, I Would Surgest One With A Spell checker They Can Be Helpful.
Hello All, I am a Pagan musician from Australia and the first to release a Pagan song in 1989 (Dark Lady). This is my latest song Hades and Persephone. The official audio will be released on all major streaming platforms next week. Hades and Persephone - John Sydney McNair BB
Pretty cool actually! The lyrics sound a bit like he's a rapist, but since the original Hades and Persephone myth was technically like that, it kinda makes sense. The music, while I'm not particularly a fan of acustic guitar, is pretty haunting at times, which is something I really liked. Where are the clips from that were used for the video? At least one is from Master and Margarita, the Russian serial, but I cannot recognize the rest.
Peter Gore Seer,  Music Is A Tool Used For Many Things , Its Was Used To Help Jew Victims Face The Extermanating Chambers, It Was The  Last Tune They March To, Subliminal Voice Mesages Are A Danger Not To Be Abused.
I have been requested to provide assistance in Multifaith Pagan rituals for Veterans predominately in an inpatient recovery program. Beside the obvious challenges.  The population and beliefs varies greatly day to day, while planning needs to start several weekes out. I'm looking for resources or possibly even scripts for seasonal, healing rites. Depending on the time of year rituals maybe during the day inside or out.  Inside no candles or incense.   The participants would range from 2-12 people.  These may or not be experienced pagans, or could just be curios firstimers. Thoughts?  
I use pendulums in the field from time to time, and I can attest that they do indeed seem to come alive immediately. To the point where I tend to use non special things to do it. Rods seem to take well to being used in such a way, to the point that I often imagine a red rod in my hand to determine direction. As a side note, bamboo works well too if you "listen" to it while dowsing. My favorite though is my bag of runes. My tendencey is let it hang from the strings and to let it move of it's own accord.
Curious what differences people have noted using different stones other than quartz as their pendulum weight: for instance amethyst, white smokey quartz, or black quartz and how the stones affect the readings? Just a study thought....
Ive gotten out of the habit of using a pendulum but I do agree that they seem to almost have a personality all their own sometimes. I've made a lot of pendulums in the feild, using nails, sewing needle, necklace, ring, etc. I appreciate your post as I think that it has inspired me to start working with them again.
I guess the first topic I would like to discuss that isn't already overly discussed in other groups would be the use of Pendulums. As anyone who has crafted and used their own pendulums can attest, they develop their own energy and life almost as soon as they are made. [If its not calling you to the pieces and instructing you how to "build its body" even before its made.] Pendulums bond and grow with their "user" and can even work magick separately from our own depending on the quality of energy and relationship. Normally it rests around my neck like any other necklace, only taking it off when it resonates me to dowse or scry. (or while making whoopie though i may have it clasped in hand to feed it and share some Love, + it tends to amplify the tantric energy lol) I have a custom scrying board, but i plan to take my next one a step further than the last, which already included a standard Ouija format, scrying cross-wheel, Futhark, & Enochian alphabets, as well as a sigil wheel with my own magickal alphabet. The next one i make will have a lat.-long. Grid for scrying and remote viewing aide, and a diagram of the energy body according to my own model, for diagnostics of energetic illnesses and/or checking for any abnormalities. Looking for others who use this working tool/companion to gather a collective feedback, and see if anyone has any board mod ideas or unique practices using pendulums they would like to share. Feel free to share any experiences or experiments here!! Much love everyone and thanks for reading, will be back later with more....
I have uesed  pendulum for years.My first pendy suggested i become wiccan, and it was one of  the best choices i ever made.   I make them as well, with large fancy beads. I have talked to my guides and my deceased loved ones with it many times.  One time yrs ago, my aunt actually materilized during our converdation that started with my pendulum, and she was spot on about when my best friend would pass. and that very best friend whispered in my ear after her passing to grab the pendy that she only saw ,and she too  materlized just long enough to play that "got yr nose" game she liked. and had done to me the last yime she was lucid before the  cancer took her. and my precious sons always come through no matter what i ask to say we love you mom. There is a pendulum chart book by dale olson that has a chart for every need. its helped me lot.
will have to check that book out,thank you for the suggestion!  I haven't used mine for communion since a sketchy message from my deceased mother telling me that I was fulfilling gods purpose, which is hilarious and weird since I am sacrilegious and blasphemous af.... not to mention I do not believe that the All takes interest in our personal lives... so that kinda made me quit using my board and just use it for dowsing or yes/no questions...  
My first pendulum I got from one of the few metaphysical stores in Kansas City (but definitely the one with the most energy) it was a pink quartz standard pendulum shape, small, I changed the charm on it a couple of times so I don't remember what or if it initially had on the end of the silver chain. As I'm typing this, I'm starting to believe that me changing the charm might have been why I no longer have it. You see my first pendulum liked to run off a lot. And one day I was in the process of putting another different charm on, something came up, and when I came back to finish it was gone. Still have the charm though lol! About a week ago now I finally got a new pendulum from the gem and mineral show. Well my mom found it after I had left the show to go to work, sent me a picture and I told her it was the one. I looked for 2 hours at the show not finding one that wanted to come home with me. But it screamed at me in the picture! A few days after getting my new one I went to a casino with a friend. I took the pendulum along to see how it was adapting to me and my vibrations (ever since my mother brought it to me at work on her way home from the show I had it in my hand or pocket. Still in my pocket as I type) long story short it was rather unsure but together we found the jackpot! Well $300 that is.. I believe pendulums and tarot cards are like the spirit guides/familiars of divination. They are not genies, not fairies, and will not do divination or magick for a person. A person's energy and vibrations are needed in order for any magick. It's not like the movies where things poof out of thin air! Lol pretty close though!!