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I think I seen a YouTube video about this topic but I cannot remember who did the video. I think that a lot of the issues we see coming from differences in practices and experiences comes from fear. People get so wrapped up sometimes in what they've learned must be absolute truth that they lose all common sense. It's okay to be different. And its ok to be wrong sometimes. Ive never met a person that was always right. They may have been lying to themselves and /or to everyone else. Being full of shit no matter how right you try to convince other people you are, still makes you full of shit, no matter how many times you say otherwise. The experienced person/witch/pagan learns that probably the only absolute truth out there is that everything changes and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone else or possibly even anyone else. I doubt anyone's sincerity and experience that tries to convince others that their brand of witchery or paganism is wrong. Experience just says otherwise. You say something won't or cannot work? I bet that I can find someone that does make it work for them.
I like your statement about walking on eggshells because other people choose to live in them. So many times you see others bullying those that challenge their beliefs. Anyone feeling the need to do that to anyone is definately living in an eggshell and expecting everyone else to live with them in it.
Ive gotten out of the habit of using a pendulum but I do agree that they seem to almost have a personality all their own sometimes. I've made a lot of pendulums in the feild, using nails, sewing needle, necklace, ring, etc. I appreciate your post as I think that it has inspired me to start working with them again.
Not much room to add on, other than that, great post and I agree everyone has a different path and this experience goes better when we focus on commonalities instead of nitpicking differences or expecting to have your fragile psyche coddled because not everyone abides the same codes. How are any of us to expect what another is going to be offended by? Even moreover, should we all be on eggshells because a few choose to live in them?? Not I for one. ^.^ lol all for some disagreements and the transmutation of ideas.