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OAK Foundation
For All Pagan Paths-OAKs Foundation, Dedicated to Learning, Networking, Sharing & Caring, Giving Guidance and Support. Our Motto: Preserve, Promote and Protect the Old Ways... Lots of info that is free to copy, share and Please add your posts too!! This is for Pagan Info ... Everyone is Welcome! Some info about us.. Welcome to OAKs Foundation.. This group is the info sharing part of the Foundation.. Please feel free to post!! Oak's stands for Order of Ancient Knowledge first established in 1998 in Ok, moved to TN in 2006. We are a dedicated group of Pagans building a "real" world community along with an online presence dedicated to the Preservation, Promotion, and Protection of the Old ways. we are established, registered Non-Profit (501 3) Pagan Foundation/Church. We believe in the true separation of Church and State such we accept no government, help or monies. We depend solely on contributions from private sectors an companies to exist and grow. As a registered "Church" our donations are tax-exempt. The Community is being built on 15 acres of property.. the future goals for this community is to offer several permanent residences to interested members, rough camping for festivals and celebrations, a community library/gathering/ritual building, homeschooling, community gardens and more in the planning. We have a CaRe program-this program consists of accepting, housing caring for and adopting of unwanted cats. This program is one of the most expensive we have to maintain at this we ask for donations and run drives to provide food, housing and medical treatments quite often. We accept many types of donations: Money, building materials, animal feeds/medications, blankets, seeds/gardening supplies, just about anything of use or can be passed on to those in need. Founding Elders: H. Shrack (deceased), L. Smith (deceased), D.Smith (Founding & First Elder) First Elders: D. Smith, and D. Wolcott Partners in OAKs On-Line: Anni Rose, Julie Fink You may always reach me by email at: [email protected] Or snail mail: OAKs Foundation 533 New Salem Rd. Bethel Springs, TN 38315
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