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The Porcelain Vampire Speaks
Welcome to my home on the internet. Ever wondered what's it's like to feel like a real vampire? Allergic to the sun? Have porphyria? This is my story. Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. No advice given is from a medical professional. Please consult your own doctor. No, I am not a roleplayer. No, I am not a life-styler. No, I do not turn into a bat. Porphyria has long been described as a harmful phototoxic reaction of the skin to the sun. There's a lot more to it than that, but we will leave this description for now. The legend of the vampire may have been largely to blame for this genetic blood disorder. That's right, a blood disorder. Porphyrins are in everyone's blood. People with this genetic blood disorder just happened to have a lot more of them react to sunlight, causing this phototoxic reaction. Doctors wouldn't come around to even remotely understanding this condition until the 1800's. Thankfully, people insisted that vampires must have come from recently deceased in graveyards, reawakening from the dead to feed on the living. People would have 'vampire burials', where the family member would be dug up and reburied to reassure all that they would not be returning from the grave to feed on their relatives. Vampire hunters would wear garlic around their necks to keep the smell of the dead from getting to them, later thought to 'repel vampires'. Enticing hmm? No wonder so many of us allergic to the sun chose to deal with it, stay quiet and suffer alone without the help of doctors until much later in history. The alternative would have been being accused of witchcraft, necromancy, or worse. Doctors today still know very little about some types of porphyria. They can agree that there are 7 different types. I'm only going to focus on my type. Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP) is a rare inherited metabolic (blood) disorder caused by a deficiency of the enzyme ferrochelatase (FECH), which results from changes (mutations) in the FECH gene. Due to abnormally low levels of this enzyme, excessive amounts of protoporphyrin accumulate in the bone marrow, blood plasma, and red blood cells. Some patients with symptoms of EPP have a genetic change in a different gene called ALAS2. It will hit every apple on the way down the tree and symptoms are not always present. Unfortunately, every parent has a 50/50 chance of having a child develop EPP. EPP has been in my family for many generations. I won't bore you with how many generations (I'm one of the family historians, so I've got our genealogy written down/digitized). I'll start with my recent family members. My grandmother, my mother, myself, some cousins, my daughter, 2 of my nieces all have EPP. I even have a couple of male cousins and an uncle that has it. Oh? Did I mention women are more likely to inherit the symptoms than the men? No one knows or understands why. Alright, off we go into this journey. Enjoy the story of my life! 
Vampyrian TempleUVUP
We are a Vampyrian Temple of Real spiritual Vampyres or Vampires for Divinity, unity, support, and strength founded Dec. 18, 2003 though we have members from all over. Join the Vampyrian TempleUVUP Official Network here:   Don't forget to like us: and Join OUR mailing list: Our youtube:   Donor Database with many the donor links:   All our Rituals:   Our Products:   Get the Vampyrian Shadow Book:   The whole purpose is to unite and educate the #Vampire community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism. The Vampyrian belief is eclectic but different than most since we don't worship anything above us and believe most religions are based in truth; not complete lies just what people understand. However it takes away your personal power which you can develop on your own esp if you are Vampyre kin. Humans can develop there own divinity through Mind exercises that other kin already posses naturally. My spiritual is based in my #Vampyrism, #Pagan, #Universalism, and that I am a very Spiritual soul. We are a Vampyrian Temple with our OWN personal beliefs and ideals but each individual is encouraged to find there own way and awaken to there own individual path. We also are involved in the #Goth culture as are many of our founding members...   If you ever need to contact me email me @ [email protected]   Vampyrian on Wordpress:   Vampyrian Creed and Ethics:   Could you be a Vampyre (what is one)?   Where do you find Donors?   The Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in our books and my services: Basic Book:   Vampyre Types?   My Twitter   Vampire Freaks cult:   ***Council:   Founder Rev. JP Vanir Peebles Spiritual Mother Lady Aromara Giselle DeCavalier   *** Rules:   1. NO harassing members on this network.   2. NO SPAM, UNRELATED, (Vampires, paganism, LHP, Spirituality, Occult ect) or Sexual posts will be tolerated...   3. NO destructive behavior such as blocking ADMINS and (Means: flame wars, harmful, or disrespectful/thoughtless behavior.) NO POLITICS, for pretty much the same reason.   4. NO illegal activity can be tolerated, as we don't need destructive activity in our Community.   5. NO post that might tear down our Vampyre Community, as we are all Family (in our souls).   6. In the interests of legality, I had to make this site 16 yrs and older. There are many Awakening online groups for younger vamps. However if you are under 18 you are not allowed to attend our offline physical gatherings, offline rituals, join the inner temple, or Council until you are a legal Adult (18)...   7. Please keep on topic in chats. NO vampire fiction/RPG play or getting sexually explicit and NO PORN/Sexual art or content (ART is fine but no adult content - We need to be respectful of all members.)   ALL problems are brought up to council and punishment for breaking these rules is voted on in as we are a very DEMOCRATIC Network and Temple...   Thank you in advance for respecting these rules...   © Rev. JP Vanir and Founding Father of TempleUVUP   ***DISCLAIMER FROM REV. JP VANIR: The purpose of this site is to provide information to our members; The posts are the beliefs of many different people and there beliefs. As such, the views and attitudes contained in the posts are entirely those of the author(s), and may not necessarily be shared by Rev. JP Vanir unless stated as such. The webmaster is not under obligation to update or otherwise keep current the contents of this article. Most importantly, only you can decide for yourself whether this article or any of the author(s) other views are useful or applicable to you - use your own reasoning and judgment. I will not be held responsible for the information a member posts in the forum as I did not write it and it was not me who posted it in the forums, blogs, or personal profiles. If you think your stuff has been stolen please go to the person who posted it on the site (not the site owners). All Vampyrian posts are written by © Vampyrian Rev. J P VanirALSO: Unless I put © Vampyrian Rev. J P Vanir I am NOT claiming that I wrote my posts on the site/network. We are a ECLECTIC (Universal) Temple and not everything here is my personal beliefs. I am a THEOLOGIAN first and want my Temple to be open to know about ALL possible beliefs/religions/spirituality's. I DO NOT know it all but wish to teach what I have researched over the many years.   Thank you...   © Rev. JP Vanir
Official MistressPrime
MistressPrime has been a practitioner of the Craft since 1982 Co-Host of Ravens at the Crossroads podcast Ordained Elder High Priestess of Wicca Teacher of Wicca, Witchcraft, and various Pagan traditions Lecturer, Presenter, and Consultant on topics of Wicca, Witchcraft, and modern Paganism to various schools, universities, and media outlets Co-Founder of the United Pagans of Color Meetup organizer of several social networking groups based in Orange County, CA since 2002 including OC Pagans, Witches, and Heathens. Former Entertainment Coordinator, Stage Manager, and MC of Pagan Pride Day LA/OC (2005-2018) Former National co-First Officer of The Covenant of the Goddess (2015-2016), National Second Officer (2007-2008), National Public Information Officer (2005-2007) AFFILIATION: Covenant of the Goddess, Fellowship of Isis, United Pagans of Color, The Troth AWARDS: Pagan Pride Los Angeles Community Service Award 2007 RADIO KUCI 88.9 FM April 2004 "Community Matters” Radio Show W/Host Ed Giron on KZSB 1290 AM (10/2005) The Dark Lady radio show - KBeach 88.1 FM (8/30/2016) PRINT - NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES The Daily Pilot (10/28/2006) Orange Coast Magazine: Slicing the Orange - Spellbound (10/2006) OC Register: O.C. witch fights for pentacle-inscribed tombstones (9/12/2007) TV Interviewed CBS & KCAL News 2007 Featured on Women's Entertainment TV show The Secret Lives of Women - Occult (2008) ONLINE The Wild Hunt: Standing Up, Being Heard (9/12/2007) Diversity and Underrepresentation at Pagan Pride Events (9/20/2013) Cracks in the Cauldron: Covenant of the Goddess Wrestles with its Role (1/27/2015) Community and Culture: Promoting Healing and Change from Injustice (7/17/2015) Pagan Community Notes: Covenant of the Goddess, Green Religions Symposium, YSEE and more! (8/17/2015) Pagan Community Notes: KKK demonstration in N.C., Pagan music awards, passing of Zachary Cox, and more! (8/26/2019) Column: Seeking comfort and stress reduction in today’s times (8/19/2017) Witch TV: @ PantheaCon 2008 & 2009 Correllian Family Hour Radio Show (9/11/2015) Pagan's Tonight Radio Network - Ask a Witch (8/9/2016) Patheos: Daughters of Eve - My Top Ten Pagans Working As Change Agents for Social Justice in 2015 (12/29/2015) BuzzFeed: We Practiced Magic with a Real Witch (09/30/2017)