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Art by Alvinia
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The journey of an artist in West Virginia. Check out my art on DeviantArt. Go to ArtPal & Redbubble to purchase prints, tshirts, stationary, home decor, and more!
Amber Unknown
Official MistressPrime
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MistressPrime has been a practitioner of the Craft since 1982 Co-Host of Ravens at the Crossroads podcast Ordained Elder High Priestess of Wicca Teacher of Wicca, Witchcraft, and various Pagan traditions Lecturer, Presenter, and Consultant on topics of Wicca, Witchcraft, and modern Paganism to various schools, universities, and media outlets Co-Founder of the United Pagans of Color Meetup organizer of several social networking groups based in Orange County, CA since 2002 including OC Pagans, Witches, and Heathens. Former Entertainment Coordinator, Stage Manager, and MC of Pagan Pride Day LA/OC (2005-2018) Former National co-First Officer of The Covenant of the Goddess (2015-2016), National Second Officer (2007-2008), National Public Information Officer (2005-2007) AFFILIATION: Covenant of the Goddess, Fellowship of Isis, United Pagans of Color, The Troth AWARDS: Pagan Pride Los Angeles Community Service Award 2007 RADIO KUCI 88.9 FM April 2004 "Community Matters” Radio Show W/Host Ed Giron on KZSB 1290 AM (10/2005) The Dark Lady radio show - KBeach 88.1 FM (8/30/2016) PRINT - NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES The Daily Pilot (10/28/2006) Orange Coast Magazine: Slicing the Orange - Spellbound (10/2006) OC Register: O.C. witch fights for pentacle-inscribed tombstones (9/12/2007) TV Interviewed CBS & KCAL News 2007 Featured on Women's Entertainment TV show The Secret Lives of Women - Occult (2008) ONLINE The Wild Hunt: Standing Up, Being Heard (9/12/2007) Diversity and Underrepresentation at Pagan Pride Events (9/20/2013) Cracks in the Cauldron: Covenant of the Goddess Wrestles with its Role (1/27/2015) Community and Culture: Promoting Healing and Change from Injustice (7/17/2015) Pagan Community Notes: Covenant of the Goddess, Green Religions Symposium, YSEE and more! (8/17/2015) Pagan Community Notes: KKK demonstration in N.C., Pagan music awards, passing of Zachary Cox, and more! (8/26/2019) Column: Seeking comfort and stress reduction in today’s times (8/19/2017) Witch TV: @ PantheaCon 2008 & 2009 Correllian Family Hour Radio Show (9/11/2015) Pagan's Tonight Radio Network - Ask a Witch (8/9/2016) Patheos: Daughters of Eve - My Top Ten Pagans Working As Change Agents for Social Justice in 2015 (12/29/2015) BuzzFeed: We Practiced Magic with a Real Witch (09/30/2017)
Fox Torch Photography
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Hi, I'm the founder, photographer, and editor of Fox Torch Photography.  Unfortunately, I can only accept clients in and around Central Ohio, USA.  Here is my website, which has my portifolios, prices, and contacts: Thank you!
Rowan54's Photos
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I have photo packages of wild places, wild waters for sale:  (sign in to the store is free)  (sign in to the store is free) There are some free photos at:  (Plus: if you're into 3D art....I've other stuff.)   
Rowan Chisholm
Dan Miller
Danielle Lieber
D. Lieber
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D. Lieber is an urban fantasy author. Her works are available in print, ebook, & audiobook. Find out more about her work at
Danielle Lieber
David Hopkins
Ellen Casey