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Life's Mystical Journey Esoteric Supplies
Life's Mystical Journey Esoteric Supplies We are a business and a community that serves the whole person - mind, body and spirit. When all are in balance we are only then truly well. Life's Mystical Journey - a project and a dream I had a dream a few  years ago. I tried to purchase an already established shop here in the Tacoma area and in the end the purchase fell through. With that I decided I would open a shop on my own. I learned a lot about heart and a lot about business during that startup time and found they do not always match. I found some shop owners that were willing to help me with information and advise (not all work forth coming or even kind) and now here I am. I opened this online store after building my first store using FrontPage and it's all been history since. This is actually the third version of this shop as it has grown so large that I needed an easier way to maintain it. I love doing this and with it, my original idea has grown so much. Keep reading to see more What We Do! We are more then just a shop or store. We are actually three entities under one umbrella. We have Life's Mystical Journey, your one stop shop for all things spiritual and ritual. You can find anything you need here for any kind of spiritual enhancement, altar, spell - and if it's not here, contact me and I'll find it for you.  
Howl at the Moon Gems
Online at Located at 14 E. Walworth St, downtown Elkhorn, WI 53121 Hours: Tuesday by appointment, Wed-Fri 10am to 5pm, Saturdays 10am to 3pm. Tumbled Stones, Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry for Crystal Healing, Classes, readings, Reiki, free resources and Metaphysical Supplies.
Sue Sullivan
Almodine Amethyst
Amethyst Moon